These games give practice in sounding out words and in building both words and non-words in an enjoyable game situation. The "follow me" cards involve matching beginnings and ends of words (and in discussing whether plausible-looking combinations actually result in real words). So, "c" can be matched with "at" to form "cat", "p" can be matched with "en" to form "pen", and "s" can be matched with "and" to form "sand", for example. But can "c" be matched with "en" or "and"? Sounding out the words that players create and discussing whether the words are real or not helps to build confidence in early readers as well as an understanding of phonics and the sounds of letter combinations.


  • Set 1: CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) combinations, initial blends, th and ch in the initial position, -ll and -ck
  • Set 2: Split digraph (magic e), th-, -sh, -oo-, -ng, -nk  and -or-
  • Set 3: -ou-, -oa-, -igh- -ow-, -or-, -ea-, -ai-, -ew, two-syllable —le words

Phonic Follow Me

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