• Ten money games of increasing difficulty
  • Builds understanding of relationships between different coin values
  • Reinforces addition, subtraction and multiplication skills
  • Contains 1-6 dice, money dice and forty counters
  • Suitable for ages 4-11
  • These are maths-based games that work with money from the simplest level (counting pennies) to decisions about spending up to £6. The games also reinforce multiplication skills (e.g. 5 x 2p, 6 x 5p, 10 x 10p etc). Until children start learning about money, two of something has always been more than one (two apples are more than one apple). With money, two pennies are the same as one 2p piece. This is the first hurdle in understanding money that, once overcome, makes the rest straightforward. Children need practice in working out for themselves that 5 x 5p is the same as 5p + 5p + 5p + 5p + 5p and 20p + 5p, for example. The ten games in this pack become progressively more difficult as they introduce more complex ideas. They give the necessary practice and repetition in an enjoyable game-playing situation so that the ideas introduced - and the maths on which they are based - become fully understood. Each game comes with detailed instructions that include the learning aim of the game. Where appropriate, suggestions for helping children play the games effectively are included. Some of the games include variations to allow for different levels of difficulty. At the higher levels saving up is required to win. Instructions only in English.
  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months


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