• Suitable for children aged 4-7
  • Addition and subtraction games to reinforce number bonds
  • Four games using numbers up to 10
  • Eight games using numbers over 10
  • Includes 1-6 dice, 1-10 dice and forty counters
  • Children develop their understanding of basic maths through working with real objects that they can count (the concrete: counters, fingers or dots on dice). The twelve games in this pack aim to make the relationship between the concrete and the abstract (written numbers) automatic. The games give the necessary practice and repetition in an enjoyable situation. Each game comes with detailed instructions that include the learning aim of the game and appropriate strategies for helping children to work out the answers. Some of the games include variations to allow for different levels of difficulty. The twelve games cover number bonds to 10 (four games) and number bonds over 10 (eight games). The final game also introduces the structure of the 100 square. Instructions only in English.
  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months

Early Maths

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